Setting up event-based alerts

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Setting up event-based alerts

When certain operating conditions arise, Symantec Message Filter automatically sends email alerts to administrators.

The conditions that generate alerts are as follows:

  • A component does not respond or is not working.

  • Antispam filters and antivirus definitions are older than a specified time.

    You can specify when filters are considered out of date.

  • Disk space is low.

Symantec Message Filter monitors these settings when it displays the filters status on the Summary tab and Status tab. You can also specify who to inform by email when alert conditions arise.

To set up event-based alerts

  1. In the Control Center, click the Settings tab.

  2. In the left pane, under System Settings, click Alerts.

  3. Under User Notification, type the email addresses of the users who should receive alerts.

    Separate multiple email addresses with commas.

  4. In the Send from box, type the email address that the alert should appear to be from.

  5. Under Alert Conditions, check the boxes next to the conditions that you want to send alerts.

  6. If you want to be notified when filters are out of date, complete the necessary date boxes.

    To avoid receiving unnecessary alerts, do not set the AntiSpam filters are older than to less than two hours. While most antispam filters are disseminated every 5 minutes to 10 minutes, the reputation service filters are updated every hour or so. Also note that antivirus definitions are not propagated as frequently as antispam filters.

  7. Click Save.

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