Before you install

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Before you install

Installation of Symantec Message Filter consists of the following components:


The Symantec Message Filter Scanner processes email according to the configuration options that you specify.

The Symantec Message Filter Scanner contains the following subcomponents:

  • Symantec Message Filter Client

  • Symantec Message Filter Server

During installation, you can specify if you want to install either or both subcomponents. A complete installation installs both components. A custom installation lets you specify which component you want to install.

Control Center

The Symantec Message Filter Control Center is a Web-based graphical user interface. The Control Center communicates with the Symantec Message Filter Agent on each of your Symantec Message Filter Scanners.

See About the Control Center

The Control Center requires a Web application server. The Tomcat application server is bundled with the installation. Tomcat and WebLogic are the only Web application servers that are certified to work with the Control Center.

See About the Control Center

See Components of Symantec Message Filter

If you intend to install the Scanner and the Control Center on the same computer, it does not matter in what order you install them. The documentation assumes that you install the Scanner before you install the Control Center.

The installer enables you to change the location of the installation directory. However, the directory must already exist before you begin installation. The installer program does not support creating a new folder during installation. If you upgrade, the installer reinstalls your existing software in the same location as the previous version. If current versions of MySQL and Tomcat exist, they are not reinstalled.

If you install the Server component of the Scanner, the installer prompts you to register the product. Symantec Message Filter requires multiple licenses for full functionality. One license activates scanning, while the other license updates rules. During installation, you can only install one license. You can install the additional license after installation is complete. If you upgrade from Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam version 6.0.5 or Symantec Brightmail Message Filter version 6.1.x or 6.2.x and have a license already registered, you do not need to re-register your license.

Tasks that you should perform before you install Symantec Message Filter are as follows (if they apply to your configuration):

  1. Read the information about planning for installation.

    See About Symantec Message Filter deployment

  2. Ensure that your organization uses static IP addresses.

    Symantec Message Filter does not support the use of dynamically assigned IP addresses.

  3. Create the required accounts and directories for the Symantec Message Filter Scanner.

    See Creating required accounts and directories on Solaris and Linux

  4. If you upgrade from a previous version of Symantec Message Filter, review the information on migration. Pay particular attention to the information about the requirement to upgrade your Scanners before you upgrade the Control Center.

  5. Ensure that the computers on which you plan to install Symantec Message Filter components meet the minimum system requirements.

    See System requirements

  6. Obtain your license from Symantec and know the file location.

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