What's new in Symantec Message Filter

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What's new in Symantec Message Filter

Table: New features describes the new features in this release of Symantec Message Filter 6.3.

Table: New features



Support for Windows Server 2008

Symantec Message Filter now supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2008.

See System requirements.

Separate setup files for Scanner and Control Center

You can now install Scanner and Control Center separately on Windows platform with the following files:

  • scanner_install_x86_win.exe

  • scanner_install_x64_win.exe

  • bcc_install_win.exe


The Scanner is now a 64-bit application and the Control Center continues to be a 32-bit application.

Tracker v3

Tracker v3 enhances the effectiveness of Symantec Message Filter. After a message is scanned, Tracker contains information about the various set of rules and the relevant timestamps that Symantec Message Filter invokes on a message.

Message Audit Log (MAL)

Symantec Message Filter provides a message auditing component that lets you save the message audit logs with bmserver logs or system logs.

See Working with Logs.


Symantec Message Filter LiveUpdate automatically downloads virus definitions from Symantec Security Response to the Scanner. Brightmail Engine of the Scanner uses this information to identify known security threats.

See About LiveUpdate rule updates.

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