Does Helpdesk 6 support using Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 or higher?

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Does Helpdesk support using Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 or higher?


Helpdesk is not designed to use Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. The last supported version of Exchange that Helpdesk is designed to use is Exchange 2003. 

To use Exchange 2007 or higher, upgrade to ServiceDesk 7.x, which does provide support using newer Exchange versions.


Many customers have reported that this appears to work successfully. However, if issues occur, the only solution is to use Exchange 2003.

The following are several suggestions on being able to use Helpdesk with Exchange 2007 or above with as few issues as possible:

  1. Ensure that the Notification Server is upgraded to its last version, NS 6.0 SP3 + R13.
  2. Ensure that Helpdesk is upgraded to its last version, 6.0.308 (SP5).
  3. Be aware of several limitations that Helpdesk has when using newer Exchange versions. For example:

    HTML email to Helpdesk not rendering properly

    Does Helpdesk 6 support using SSL with email?

    Default email templates compatibility with Outlook 2007, such as when using Helpdesk with a Blackberry device

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