Tagging volumes as placement classes

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Tagging volumes as placement classes

The following example tags the vsavola volume as placement class tier1, vsavolb as placement class tier2, vsavolc as placement class tier3, and vsavold as placement class tier4 using the vxassist settag command.

See Placement classes.

To tag volumes

  • Tag the volumes as placement classes:

      # vxassist -g cfsdg settag vsavola vxfs.placement_class.tier1
      # vxassist -g cfsdg settag vsavolb vxfs.placement_class.tier2
      # vxassist -g cfsdg settag vsavolc vxfs.placement_class.tier3
      # vxassist -g cfsdg settag vsavold vxfs.placement_class.tier4

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