Disabling Concurrent I/O for DB2

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Disabling Concurrent I/O for DB2

If you need to disable Concurrent I/O, use the DB2 file system caching option.


If you used the namefs -o cio option with the mountcommand to mount a directory to enable Concurrent I/O, make sure you remount without that option as well. Also, if you follow the directions for enabling Concurrent I/O on an existing SMS container, rename the directory back to the original name.

To disable Concurrent I/O on a DB2 tablespace

  • Use the DB2 file system caching option as follows:

      # db2 -v "alter tablespace tablespace_name file system caching"

    where tablespace_name is the name of the tablespace for which you are disabling Concurrent I/O.

See Enabling and disabling Concurrent I/O

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