Triggering space reclamation

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Triggering space reclamation

This section describes how to trigger space reclamation.

To trigger space reclamation

  1. Ensure you mounted the VxFS file system.

    See the mount(1M) manual page.

    If you need to mount the VxFS file system, see the mount_vxfs(1M) manual page.

  2. Use the fsadm command to trigger space reclamation:

    On AIX:

    # /opt/VRTS/bin/fsadm -V vxfs -R /<VxFS_mount_point>

    On HP-UX:

    # /opt/VRTS/bin/fsadm -F vxfs -R /<VxFS_mount_point>

    On Linux:

    # /opt/VRTS/bin/fsadm -t vxfs -R /<VxFS_mount_point>

    On Solaris:

    # /opt/VRTS/bin/fsadm -F vxfs -R /<VxFS_mount_point>

    where <VxFS_mount_point> is the name of the VxFS file system mount point.


If the VxFS file system is not mounted you will receive an error message. For example: Disk 3pardata0_110 : Skipped. No VxFS file system found.

See Reclamation of storage on thin reclamation arrays

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