The F drive is mapped to a local drive in Windows PE which means the PXE boot process cannot connect to the DS eXpress share

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When booting to Windows PE, the computer cannot access the F drive, which should be mapped to the eXpress share on Deployment Solution.

Windows PE


When booting into Windows PE with a hard drives that have at least three partitions and a CD-ROM drive (or indeed any combination of local drives that total four or greater), the mapping is assigned as follows:

  • Partition 1 = C
  • Partition 2 = D
  • Partition 3 = E
  • CD-ROM = F

If you have left your PXE configuration as default, then PE will attempt to map the F drive to the DS eXpress share. This will be unsuccessful as the share is already in use by a local drive.

There are two options to resolve this issue:

  1. When creating the PXE boot menu option, use a drive letter in the alphabet other than F for mapping to the eXpress share. This should work assuming you have no jobs that explicitly use the F drive.
  2. Add the following to mapdrv.bat in your PE boot files (this is within the ISO created for the corresponding bootmenu option and can be opened with Daemon Tools and re-created with EasyISO. Both of these tools are free.)

Set VolNum=No Drive Mapping Found
@for /f "tokens=2" %%x in ('echo list volume ^| diskpart ^| findstr /c:"
F "') do If NOT %%x=="" Set volNum=%%x
If NOT "%volNum%"=="No Drive Mappping Found" Diskpart /s diskpartF.txt

Where F (highlighed in red) is the drive you are checking is in use.

Then in the same folder add a file called "diskpartF.txt'", which should contain:

Select Volume %volNum%
assign letter =

Where s (in red) is the letter the F will be reassigned to. Both the searching drive and the reassigned drive letters can be changed as desired.

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