How to troubleshoot client's failing to return Patch Management Inventories for v7.1 SP1, SP2, MP1.x and 7.5?

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Step 1: Ensure the client is not in need of a reboot: TECH127365

Step 2: Ensure the client has consumed a Patch License: HOWTO59456

  • Ensure the client's Patch License consumption is in order and the client is receiving the PM 7.X Patch Microsoft Vulnerability Analysis Policy package: TECH170397
  • Ensure the client's Patch License is consuming as detailed for PM 7.1 SP1, SP2 or MP1; Windows System Assessment Scan: Step 6: HOWTO56242 
  • Ensure the targeted filters are in order for the Software Update Plug-in Install & Upgrade Policies; turned on and deploying
  • Ensure the targeted filters are in order for the Patch Install Tools;
    •  http://localhost/Altiris/console/?mainUrl=%2faltiris%2fconsole%2fItemPage.aspx%3fItemGuid%3d7A708B96-DB92-4F09-AD46-8BC8FDD62D70

Step 3: Ensure the PMImport is current

  • The PMImport is the foundation of Patch Inventories; ensure there are no hung tasks running
    • View Troubleshooting PMImport on KM: TECH166778
    • Even if all is in order on PMImport Page; it may be failing Revise Software Updates Task:
      • View 'Currently Running Tasks' report found in KM: HOWTO54534 or KM: HOWTO52986 to see if it is hanging on Revised or Downloading Updates
      • If running tasks are hung for PMImport or Revise Software Updates; review steps outlined on KM: TECH144662 to truncate bloated Task Tables and KM: TECH209754 to clean up orphaned tasks

Step 4: Clear the Server-side data hash for Patch Dataclasses: HOWTO60749

Step 5: Configure Client to trap Notification Server Event (NSE) files: HOWTO4191

  • These files can be later viewed with Notepad following a Patch Inventory Scan
  • Copy / Paste these files onto the Management Server into the default location: C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\EvtQFast folder.
    • Watch the logs to see if these files are failing to process with errors
  • Note: Right-click / Open with > Notepad - ensure the file type is not associated with the Notepad.

Step 6: Force a scan of the Patch Management Inventories: HOWTO58971

Step 7: Review troubleshooting Patch Report inaccuracies: TECH167291

Step 8: Ensure the Patch Plug-ins are current with the current SMP / Altiris Agents; location detailed on KM: HOWTO56242: Step 2.

The NSE should display the update name and data confirming the update IsInstalled / IsAppplicable. Most common problems are outlined in this article; however, there may be a problem with the Altiris Agent failing to gather NSE's and return them to the Management Server, and this lies outside Patch Management Solution. An uninstall / reinstall of the Altiris Agent may be in order to resolve this issue.

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