Symantec SSE Tools for ITMS

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Symantec SSE Tools is a set of diagnostic tools for ITMS 6.0 and 7.x that provides a user-friendly way to troubleshoot environmental and product issues.


SSE Tools v2.4.0.3 requires .NET 3.5, or .NET 4.0+ to run. If .NET 3.5 is not installed, but .NET 4.0+ is, the configuration file attached to this kb - ssetools.exe.config - is required to be in the same directory as ssetools.exe in order to launch successfully.


No installation is required. To use, download ssetools.exe and ssetools.exe.config from the attachments on this article to the same directory and then run ssetools.exe.


ssetools.exe (862 kBytes)
Version information
ssetools.txt (16 Bytes)

SSE Tools v1-9.docx (415 kBytes)
Application Configuration file
ssetools.exe.config (851 Bytes)
Zipped Executable (259 kBytes)

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