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I am having a problem with the Page Access feature on the Audit & Compliance Server. Without any user groups listed, access is granted to all users. I created a user group named SEViewer with a member (user) named "setester". This SEViewer group was added to the fields for Home, View Reports, and Scheduled Tasks on the Page Access page on the server. Access has been repeatedly denied to the page. The 'setester' account can't even open the web page. This also caused an issue with the administrator account.  Since the SEViewer was the only group listed anything not listed would not be granted access, so I added the Domain Admins (which contains the Administrator account) group to every field on the Page Access page. That didn't change anything as the Administrator account is still being denied access. Next, I removed the SEViewer group and the setester user account from Active Directory. In the process the Audit and Compliance Server Web page was closed, and now I can't access the page at all, not even with the administrator. I would like to bring the web page back up so that we can remove all of the groups that we added to the Page Access page so that I can further troubleshoot the issues with the SEViewer group. How do I fix this?

First, to remove all entries from the Page Access page in the SecurityExpressions Server, you must access it by logging on to the system where it is installed. You can then clear the entries from the page.

When you add a group, the name must be fully qualified, so, in this case, the group SEViewer needs to have the domain name in front as in <Domain Name>\SEViewer. With this setting, only members of the group can access the page remotely.

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