Configuring the SMP Agent to ignore specific resource keys on Unix, Linux & Macintosh clients

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As of the Agent for Unix, Linux and Mac (ULM) 7.1, it is possible to configure which resource keys to ignore during generation of NSE events. This allows for exclusion of any values that would cause a conflict in a given environment.

(An NSE event is anything sent to the NS/SMP, including Basic Inventory, event transactions, inventory solution, etc.)  

This can apply to any situation where computer resources are merged because they have the same resource key values.

To make this configuration change: 

  1. On the ULM client edit the file: /opt/altiris/notification/nsagent/etc/client.conf. 
  2. Find the  '[MachineID]' section.
  3. Change the values for the 'ignore_resource_keys' . (Add the name and value entry if it doesn't currently exist.)


Note 1: Values listed here will NOT be used as resource keys in events sent to the NS/SMP from the client.

Note 2: This field is a comma-separated list on a single line.

Note 3: Supported values are: name.domain, fqdn, macaddress, uniqueid, adnamedomain.  

Note 4: The name.domain value is based on the targeted settings 'Computer Information' settings in the NS/SMP Console. Options are the local computer name or the DNS name, etc. There may be multiple name.domain resource keys. 

Note 5:   Depending on the NS version, the 'ignore_resource_keys' field may or may not exist in the client.conf file. If it does not exist, it is possible to add the line in the 'MachineID' section. See samples, below. 

Note 6: Even if all resource keys are set to be ignored, the agent will always attempt to create a name.domain resource key based on the 'hostname' of the client computer.  

Note 7: IMPORTANT: DO NOT ignore all resource keys without first ensuring that the hostname is set per the command: “scutil --get HostName”. If this hostname is not set and all resource keys are ignored, the agent will not be able to create any resource keys, resulting in a complete loss of registration and communication with the NS/SMP server. Be sure the scutil HostName is set before ignoring all resource keys. One method for setting this HostName value is by running this command: scutil --set Hostname `scutil --get ComputerName`, assuming the ComputerName is set. 





ignore_resource_keys=fqdn, macaddress, uniqueid



Sample Command Line for Run Script Task, Shell Script, Etc.

The following command can be used from a command line, in a run script task, a shell script or another appropriate script to automate the configuration of client machines with these settings. If the entry exists, it will be updated. If the entry does not exist, it will be created at the end of the machineid section.  

      sudo aex-helper agent -s MachineID ignore_resource_keys "fqdn, macaddress, uniqueid"



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