HOWTO: Configure bandwidth throttling for optimized duplications for PureDisk and Media Server Deduplication

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On the NetBackup media server writing optimized deduplications to either PureDisk or Media Server Deduplication storagepools:
1. Edit the pd.conf file by uncommenting/configuring the OPTDUP_BANDWIDTH = line to read:


(UNIX) /usr/openv/lib/ost-plugins/
(Windows) install_path\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\ost-plugins

NOTE: About the NetBackup media server pd.conf OPTDUP_BANDWIDTH value:
- value is in KB (kilobytes)
- default Storage Server server agent 'maxstreams' value is 4
- (maxstreams value) * (NetBackup Storage Unit ‘Maximum concurrent jobs’ value) * (OPTDUP_BANDWIDTH value) * 8 / 1024  =  bandwidth_used_in_Mb(megabits_per_second)

Example for a 10Mb (megabit) per second maximum allowed bandwidth requirement when the NetBackup Storage Unit 'Maximum concurrent jobs' value is 10:

(10Mbps * 1024) / 8 / 10 max concurrent jobs / 4 maxstreams = 32KB OPTDUP_BANDWIDTH

In this example the pd.conf OPTDUP_BANDWIDTH line would read:

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