How to create a Notification Server report from a Helpdesk Incident Query

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How to convert Helpdesk Incident Queries created in Helpdesk into reports that can be used in Notification Server.


To create a new report in Notification Server follow the following steps after starting a new report and giving it a Name.

  1. Select "Advanced Report Builder" for the Report type
  2. Hit Next
  3. Select "HD_workitem_current_view" from the list of Objects and click the Add button
  4. Hit Next
  5. Hit Next (to skip the Join Selection step)
  6. Select the columns that you want on the report
    1.      Select the column (the column will appear in text box on the right hand side)
    2.      Click the "as" link above the text box.  Note: Don't just type the word "as"; otherwise the report bulder will not know that an alias to the column is going to be specified
    3.      After the just added "as" add a double quotes("), the desired text for the column header, and then another double quote(")
    4.      Hit the Add button (this will add the column into the column grid just bellow.
    5.      Repeat these steps for each desired column to be on the report
  7. Using the Up and Down arrows, move the columns into the correct order.  The column order from top to bottom translates to the column order left to right on the report.
  8. Hit Next
  9. Hit Next (to skip the Conditionals step as this will be filled in later by the Helpdesk Query)
  10. If the helpdesk query has the "ORDER BY" in its command then skip to step 14
  11. Check "Order By"
  12. Add the columns that you want the report to be sorted by
    1.        Select the column from list
    2.        Click either the Assending or Descending button to add the column
    3.        Repete for each column that should be used for sorting
  13. Using the arrows in the choosen columns for sorting, put the columns in the order of what data should be sorted first
  14. Hit Next (The report is now built without any filters.)
  15. Hit "Edit SQL"
  16. Just before the "ORDER BY" Line, insert a new line
  17. On the New Line, type the word "WHERE"
  18. Insert the text from the Helpdesk Query after the "WHERE" line (but before the "ORDER BY" line)

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