Copying a report

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Copying a report

Copying an existing report lets you create a new report that is customized to your needs, without having to recreate the report settings. You can copy a report that has almost all of the information you need, and then add, remove, and edit the report. Modifying the copied report lets you get what you are want in the report. Administrators, and the users with the appropriate permissions can copy reports. By default, Administrators can copy a report that is located in any category. Other users cannot copy a report that is in a category for which they do not have permission to create reports.

See About creating a new report.

See Deleting reports.

See Add/Edit Standard Report dialog box.

To copy a report

  1. In the Process Manager portal, click Reports tab.

  2. Under Report Categories, select the category that contains the report you want to copy.

  3. Select the action icon for the report that you want to copy, and click Copy.

  4. In the Report Information dialog, enter a new name for the report in the Report Name field.

  5. Optionally, enter a description for the report in the Report Description field. The description text you enter appears under the report name on the Reports tab, when you expand a report entry.

  6. Click Save.

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