Adding a new sub report

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Adding a new sub report

The sub report function lets you create a new report using the base of an existing report. The user designing the report can only add new data, thereby preserving the original data. A new sub report is added to the report category of the selected report.

To add a new sub report

  1. In the Process Manager portal, select the Reports tab.

  2. In the Report Categories section, select the category that contains the report you want to make the base for a new sub report.

  3. Select the action icon for the report, and click Add Sub Report.

  4. In the Name box, enter a name for the report.

    Report names must be unique. The Name box has a 100-character limit.

  5. In the Report Designer tab, specify the data that you want to include in the report and how that data is displayed.

    See Setting up or modifying the data in standard reports.

  6. (Optional) In the Description tab, enter a description for the report.

    The description appears on the Reports portal page under the report.

    The description should make it easy for users to quickly understand the information that the report contains. The description text is also searched when users search for reports. The description has no character limit.

  7. In the Permissions tab, you can and add or modify permissions for the report as needed.

    You can take the following actions with permissions:

    To edit existing permissions

    Select the edit icon for the permission that you want to modify. Make the necessary changes to the permission and click Update.

    To remove an existing permission

    Click the delete icon for the permission that you want to remove.

    To add a new permission

    Click Add New Permission. Select the permission type, and the user, group, permission, or organization you want to set permissions for. Set the appropriate permissions and click Add.

  8. (Optional) On the Web Services tab, set up Web Service access for the report.

    See Setting up or modifying Web Service access for standard reports.

  9. Click Save.

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