About backing up and restoring Symantec Workflow and ServiceDesk

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About backing up and restoring Symantec Workflow and ServiceDesk

Whether you run only Symantec Workflow or you run ServiceDesk Solution on Symantec Workflow, you may need to back up and restore data. Both tasks require careful planning, and it is important to understand the Symantec Workflow platform before you begin.

See About Symantec Workflow.

The process of backing up ServiceDesk and custom Workflows is relatively easy. The complexity occurs in the restoration process because some data may be lost. Data loss is due to the inherent workflow architecture with the message bus. To minimize the effect of an outage, Symantec recommends that you use a clustered Microsoft SQL environment. You should include the appropriate failover and fault-tolerant hardware for ServiceDesk.

To restore data successfully, it is essential to identify which components of Symantec Workflow you must back up.

See What to back up.

A number of architectural components of a workflow cannot be backed up while the system is in use. This limitation is due to the nature of the product: ServiceDesk Solution, which is built on the Symantec Workflow platform, cannot be backed up and restored with 100% of the data correctly in place. The details regarding these limitations are explained in the appropriate sections of the text.

See Preparing to back up.

See About restoring data.

The following infrastructure diagram provides the context on which the recommended backup and restore methods are based.

Figure: Infrastructure diagram

Infrastructure diagram

Information about the recommended backup and restore methods are based primarily on ServiceDesk, Symantec Workflow, IIS 7.5, and the Process Manager database. This information does not account for failure of Symantec Management Platform, nor does it include details about specialized configurations or customizations.

If you have already read the topics about what to back up and preparing for the backup, proceed to the backup task.

See Backing up Workflow and ServiceDesk.

To search for additional information about Symantec backup products, refer to the business support site.

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