Symantec Workflow Server

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Symantec Workflow Server

The Symantec Workflow Service provides core functionality to the Workflow engine. This service ensures that tasks are shuttled along within any particular flow. Flows can include writing task information in the database and escalating events when a user does not respond in a timely manner. This service performs a heavy processing load. Therefore, you should shut it down before you perform a backup. Shutting down the service prevents it from attempting to perform any specific processing while you back up the database or the workflow messaging environment.

Because the process flows rely on this service, when you shut it down some data is left in SymQ. Some of this data may be lost during a restore because there is no way to ensure that it is flushed to the database.

See Preparing to back up.

By shutting down the service, the amount of data loss that can occur is minimized. Shutting down prevents data being placed into the SymQ or being processed within the workflows themselves.

To verify that you have shut down the service, check Symantec Workflow Explorer. When you run Symantec Workflow Explorer, you see the following processes under the Current Running Processes menu selection:

  • LogicBase.ServerExtensions

  • w3wp

When the Symantec Workflow Server service is stopped, the running processes completely disappear from the window. The empty window indicates that processing has stopped.

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