Hierarchy requirements

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Hierarchy requirements

To share or receive common configuration settings and data with multiple Notification Server computers, you must first add the Notification Server computer to a hierarchy. Because Notification Server computers can be managed locally, each Notification Server computer must be added or removed from a hierarchy individually with the appropriate access credentials. Typically, the Symantec Administrator managing the topology design accesses the Notification Server computers in other sites remotely to add them to a hierarchy.

See About Notification Server hierarchy.

See Implementing Notification Server hierarchy.

The requirements for configuring the hierarchy are as follows:

  • Network traffic must be routable between adjoining Notification Server computers within the hierarchy.

  • HTTP/HTTPS traffic must be permitted between adjoining Notification Server computers within the hierarchy.

  • If you use self-signed certificates for Notification Server computers, ensure that the trust between those computers is established. To do so, in the Microsoft Management Console, in the Certificates (Local Computer) store, manually install certificates to Trusted Root Certification Authority.

  • Trust relationships must exist between adjoining Notification Server computers within the hierarchy, or credentials for the privileged accounts that facilitate trust must be known.

  • Each Notification Server computer must be able to resolve the name and the network address of any adjoining Notification Server computers within the hierarchy.

  • There must be sufficient bandwidth between Notification Server sites to support package and data replication.

    Bandwidth and the hardware that is required depend on the size of your hierarchy topology and the data replicated.

  • A site must exist for each Notification Server computer, and must include the subnet that contains Notification Server. The site must also contain a package server (a site server that is running the package service) that serves the Notification Server computer.

    See About site services.

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