How to customize the Helpdesk layout

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 How do I put HTML in a custom template file, or is this controlled by a layout called loHome? Where is that layout found?

loHome is the "id" of an AppWeaver Layout control, in this case defined as:

<aw:layout id="loHome" runat="server" height="100%" Width="100%" HorizontalAlign="Justify">

The Layout control renders its child controls in an HTML table. In the case of loHome, there is only one column in the table as the Columns property has not been set. Rather than straight HTML, you should be using Web Controls to render the HTML contained on the page. These controls can be from the AppWeaver library, from the standard ASP.NET library, from a commercial library like ComponentArt's Web.UI or even from controls you have coded yourself.

Every element on a HTML page can be uniquely identified with an ID name, which is used to access it from code (both server side and on the client). In this case a Layout control, which represents an HTML table, is called loHome.

AppWeaver is a library of Web controls written by Altiris. Most of the controls are used in various templates, so you can use these as examples

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