About the Symantec Management Agent

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About the Symantec Management Agent

The Symantec Management Agent is the software that establishes communication between the Notification Server computer and the computers in your network. Computers with the Symantec Management Agent installed on them are called managed computers. The Notification Server computer interacts with the Symantec Management Agent to monitor and manage each computer from the Symantec Management Console.

The Notification Server computer and the Symantec Management Agent work together to provide the following types of functionality for managed computers:

  • Monitoring hardware and software

  • Scheduling software installations and file updates

  • Collecting basic inventory information

  • Managing policies and packages

You can install the Symantec Management Agent on Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac computers. The Symantec Management Agent also lets you install and manage solution agent plug-ins that add additional functionality to the agent. For example, installing the Inventory plug-in lets you gather detailed hardware and software information from all of your managed computers.

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If you want to use Cloud-enabled Management, there is a special procedure for installing and setting up the Symantec Management Agent to work in this environment.

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