Implementing Notification Server hierarchy

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Implementing Notification Server hierarchy

To share or receive common configuration settings and data with multiple Notification Servers, you must add the Notification Server computer to a hierarchy and configure the necessary replication rules.

Table: Process for implementing Notification Server hierarchy




Step 1

Create the appropriate hierarchical relationships between Notification Servers.

You create a hierarchy by creating a series of parent-to-child and child-to-parent relationships that link together the Notification Server computers in your system.

See Creating and managing hierarchical relationships.

See Setting up a hierarchical relationship between two Notification Server computers.

Step 2

Create and enable the appropriate replication rules to specify the data to replicate through the hierarchy.

Hierarchy replication of resources and events is configured using replication rules. These rules define the data that you want to replicate to other Notification Servers.

See Configuring hierarchy replication and hierarchy replication rules.

If you want to set up custom hierarchy replication for configuration and managements items, specify the appropriate settings.

See Setting up custom hierarchy replication.

Step 3

(Optional) Perform manual replication tasks.

The Notification Server computers in a hierarchy are normally synchronized according to the replication schedule that is set up in the replication rules. However, you can manually override the differential replication schedule for your Notification Server and trigger the hierarchy replication rules immediately.

See Overriding the hierarchy differential replication schedule.

You can manually replicate selected data directly from a Notification Server to all its child Notification Servers without including it in a replication rule. Manual replication is a once-off replication that takes place immediately. You need the have Read permission on the Replicate Now right-click menu item action to perform manual replication.

See Replicating selected data manually.

Step 4

(Optional) Set up hierarchy automation policies.

Hierarchy automation policies send email notifications when certain events occur in the hierarchy.

See Setting up a hierarchy automation policy.

Step 5

Run a hierarchy report.

You can run a report on any Notification Server in the hierarchy to extract data from its CMDB. Update the summary data before running a hierarchy report.

See Running a hierarchy report.

See Updating summary data.

See About Notification Server hierarchy

See Hierarchy requirements

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