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In Site Monitor Solution, there may be a situation where the gauage states/gauge summaries are displaying incorrect information. How do I reset the Site Monitor Gauge States?

For example:

  1. An SMTP server is running, but the Site Monitor Gauge Summaries Dashboard displays the SMTP server to be in a critical state.
  2. A network resource no longer exists on the network, but was not properly removed from Notification Server and/or Site Monitor.


Site Monitor Solution Gauage Summaries Dashboard


In order for a resource to be set back to a "Normal" state, Site Monitor needs to detect that is in a "Normal" state. If for any reason Site Monitor has failed to or cannot set a resource back to normal, you may need to reset the gauge states to remove the "Critical" or "Warning" values.

Option 1: Reset only the Monitoring Policy that contains invalid gauage states (preferred).

  1. In Altiris Console, go to Tasks tab > Tasks > Monitoring > Site Monitor > Monitoring Policies.
  2. Select the folder which contains the appropriate policy that contains invalid gauge states (in this example, we'll reset the "SMTP Port Monitor").
  3. Under the Internet Servers folder, choose the Internet Server SMTP Port Monitor policy
  4. Click on the Enable check box (currently enabled) to disable the policy and click Apply.
  5. Go to Reports tab > Dashboards > Gauge Summaries > Tasks > Monitoring > Site Monitor > Monitoring Policies.
  6. Click on the green arrows refresh buttons to update the display.
  7. All "SMTP Port Monitor" gauge states should no longer be listed under "Internet Servers".
  8. Once you've confirmed that the SMTP gauge states have been reset, you can then go back and re-enable the Monitoring Policy. After Site Monitor starts polling for the value again, it should report the correct gauge state.

Option 2 - Reset all current gauge state values (not quite as preferred as Option 1)

  1. On the server running the Notification Server's SQL database, open Microsoft SQL Server > Enterprise Manager.
  2. Browse to the Notification Server database and choose Tables.
  3. Right-click the GaugeState table and choose Open Table > Query.
  4. In the query pane, enter the following query statement:


  5. At the "Query Definitions Differ" prompt, "The Query Designer does not support the TRUNCATE TABLE SQL construct. . . . Do you want to continue?", click Yes.
  6. You can exit SQL Enterprise Manager and return to the Altiris Console. The "Gauge Summaries" dashboard should report no values, and once Site Monitor starts polling for the gauge states, it will report the correct values.

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