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About Wise Connector

Wise Connector lets you import software packages and their associated metadata from a Wise Software Repository in Wise Package Studio into Software Management Framework as follows:

  • It imports software packages from a Wise Package Studio share point directory into the Software Library.

  • It imports the metadata that is associated with a software package from the Software Manager database into the Software Catalog.

After you import software packages with their metadata from the Wise Software Repository, those responsible for distributing software can easily deliver and manage them.

When Wise Connector imports a package into the Software Library, it creates a software resource in the Software Catalog. It populates this software resource with metadata from the Software Manager database. This metadata includes a software package resource that is sourced from the Software Library. The name of the software resource is the application name with the version of the application appended. If the software resource already exists in the Software Catalog, data provider precedence settings determine if Wise Connector can update the data. If a software package is already associated with the software resource, Wise Connector cannot update the package.

See About updating a software package with Wise Connector.

Wise Connector can also import the metadata into the Software Catalog without importing the software package into the Software Library. If you only import the metadata, the software package resource in the Software Catalog is sourced from the Wise Package Studio share point directory.

See How Wise Connector works

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