About the types of software packages Wise Connector can import

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About the types of software packages Wise Connector can import

Wise Connector lets you import software packages and their associated metadata from a Wise Software Repository into Software Management Framework.

See Importing data from a Wise Software Repository.

Wise Connector can import the following types of packages:

  • InstallShield Developer EXE

  • Microsoft hotfix

  • Universal Import

  • Virtual Software Package

  • Windows Installer

  • WiseScript

When one or more patches or transforms are applied to a Windows Installer package, Wise Connector does the following when it imports the package:

  • In the Software Catalog, it creates a command line for the patches or transforms in the software resource of the Windows Installer package.

  • If the Windows Installer package is imported into the Software Library, it imports the applied transform or patch packages into the library.

If a package in Software Manager has an associated package definition with a single command line, Wise Connector imports the command line with the package. If the package definition has multiple command lines, Wise Connector does not import them. If a package does not have an associated package definition, Wise Connector creates a default command line for MSI, WSE, and VSA packages.

See About Wise Connector

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