When Wise Connector can import data from a Wise Software Repository

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When Wise Connector can import data from a Wise Software Repository

Wise Connector lets you import software packages and their associated metadata from a Wise Software Repository into Software Management Framework.

See About Wise Connector.

Wise Connector can only import a software package and its metadata when the package meets the following conditions:

  • Has an importable package type

    See About the types of software packages Wise Connector can import.

  • Is assigned a status of Available

    A Wise Package Studio packaging specialist assigns a package a status of Available when the package is ready for distribution. The status of a package is changed in Software Manager.

If the metadata for a software resource exists in the Software Catalog, precedence settings determine if Wise Connector can update the data. The exception is File Inventory data, which is additive, so precedence settings don't apply.

If a software package is already in the Software Library, Wise Connector cannot update the package.

See About updating a software package with Wise Connector

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