Booting predefined computers

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Booting predefined computers

After you have imported the predefined computers you can boot them to perform various deployment tasks. Once the predefined computers are booted, the basic inventory of the computers is sent to Symantec Management Platform. The booted predefined computer's entry is removed from the Settings > Deployment > Predefined computers grid.

You can perform the following deployment tasks after booting the predefined computers:

  • Copy file.

  • Create image.

  • Deploy image.

  • Restore backup image.

  • Erase disk.

  • Partition disk.

  • Install Windows OS and Linux OS.

  • Reboot to PXE.

  • Reboot to automation.

  • Reboot to production.

After booting the predefined computer, you are required to update its inventory details on the Symantec Management Platform server. To update the inventory details, you have to manually send the inventory from the booted predefined computer.

To boot predefined computers

  1. Set a PXE image to respond to predefined computers.

    See Configuring the PXE Server.

  2. Import the predefined computers.

    See Importing predefined computers.

  3. Restart the imported predefined computers.

    The imported predefined computer is booted to the PXE Boot image that is specified in the PXE Server Configurations page.

See About predefined computers

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