Enabling the uninstallation policy

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Enabling the uninstallation policy

You can enable the uninstallation policy for Deployment Plug-in, automation folder, and Deployment site server components. Enabling the uninstall policy uninstalls the component from the selected client computers.

To enable uninstall policy

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Settings menu, click Agent/Plug-ins > All Agents/Plug-ins.

  2. In the left pane, expand the Agents/Plug-ins > Deployment and Migration folders.

  3. Choose either a Linux or Windows and expand the relevant folder.

  4. Click the relevant uninstall policy.

  5. In the right pane, in the Program name box, ensure that the correct policy is selected.

  6. Under Applied to, select the computers that you want to uninstall the plug-in from.

  7. ( Optional) Under Schedule, select when you want to uninstall the plug-in.

  8. (Optional) Click Advanced to check if the computers you selected are available at the exact time that you scheduled.

  9. Under Extra schedule options, select the options that you want.

  10. Ensure that the policy is enabled.

    A green On symbol shows in the top right corner.

  11. Click Save changes.

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