About Deploy Image task

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About Deploy Image task

You can restore a computer and deploy a standard, Sysprep-enabled disk image with the Deploy Image task. All of the existing data and applications on the client are lost, and the computer is restored to the state of the standard image.


On Windows Server 2008, you might need to change the password on the client computer before logging on for the first time after this task runs. Sysprep clears the administrator password when it prepares a computer for imaging. You can avoid having to manually change the password by creating a custom answer file. The answer file should include a plain text password. You can then use the answer file while you deploy your images on remote computers.

See Configuring the Sysprep imaging.

If the computer has the Deployment plug-in installed, the computer configuration is saved and restored after the image is applied. The computer configuration contains the computer name, network settings, and domain.

See About Imaging client computers.

If Initial Deployment is used, you select the configuration settings to apply to the computer after it is imaged. To deploy a new computer that does not have an operating system, use Initial Deployment.

See Deploying an image to new computers .

If the computer is a member of a domain, supply the appropriate credentials to rejoin the domain. You can create an image that retains its data and software by creating a backup image. You must create a deployment task before you can run it.

See Creating an image.

For Linux operating systems, deploying disk images and backup images does not fully support the resizer file system. Image deployment supports only the SUSE Ext3 file system. If you have a resizer partition, you must use the -raw switch when you image the partition to preserve its structure.

Linux IDE images must be deployed on computers that have the Linux IDE disk. SCSI disk images must also be deployed on computers having the SCSI disk image.

See About deployment tasks and jobs

See Deploying an image to new computers

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