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About Inventory Solution

Obtaining and analyzing accurate inventory data is an important part of managing and securing your network. Inventory Solution lets you gather inventory data about computers, users, operating systems, and installed software applications in your environment. The application metering feature also lets you monitor and deny the usage of software applications on your network.

See Components of Inventory Solution.

Inventory Solution works on a wide range of supported platforms enabling you to easily gather data in a heterogeneous environment. You can gather inventory on Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Mac computers.

For a complete list of supported platforms and versions, see the Inventory Solution Release Notes at the following URL:


You use policies and tasks to perform inventory and application metering functions. The policies and tasks are easily configured and managed using a central Web console.

See About inventory policies and tasks .

Predefined inventory policies let you gather inventory with little effort.

See About predefined inventory policies.

The inventory data is stored in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). The CMDB provides a central store of data that is used across the Symantec Management Platform.

For more information, see the topics about the CMDB in the Symantec Management Platform User Guide.

You can use different methods for gathering the following types of inventory data:

Basic inventory data:

Computer name, domain, installed operating system, etc.

Standard inventory data:

Hardware and software components, file properties, etc.

Custom inventory data:

Additional data beyond the predefined data classes in Inventory Solution.

Application metering inventory data:

Start, stop, deny events and summary data of monitored software applications.

Baseline inventory data:

Information about files and registry settings on computers.

See Methods for gathering inventory.

To help maximize your investment, Inventory Solution does more than gather data. Inventory Solution provides a Web-based management console, policies to alert you about critical information, and professional quality predefined or custom Web reports that let you analyze gathered inventory data. Thus Inventory Solution includes the tools that you need to transform your inventory data into useful information.

See About viewing inventory data.

Inventory Solution also has the following features:

  • Supports zero-footprint configuration.

  • Operates in always connected, sometimes connected, and stand-alone computing environments.

  • Can be installed to run on a recurring basis with the Symantec Management Agent.

  • Posts data through SMB and/or HTTP.

  • Lets you meter, track, or deny the usage of one or more software applications and harvest unused software licenses.

See What you can do with Inventory Solution.

You can use Inventory Pack for Servers, which is a separate product that lets you gather server-based inventory data from servers.

See About Inventory Pack for Servers.

You can also use additional Symantec products to gather inventory data from handheld computers, network devices, and Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Mac servers.

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