Metering and denying applications

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Metering and denying applications

(Windows only)

Application metering lets you perform the following tasks on your managed computers:

  • Control the availability and meter the use of applications at the file level by running predefined or custom application metering policies.

  • Monitor and meter the use of the managed software at the product level by enabling the software-based usage tracking option.

  • Deny multiple applications from running by configuring the predefined Blacklisted Applications policy.

See About metering and denying applications.

Table: Process for metering and denying applications




Step 1

Prepare computers for metering.

Target computers must be managed with the Symantec Management Agent and have the Inventory Plug-in and the Application Metering Plug-in installed.

See Preparing managed computers for inventory and metering.

Step 2

Configure global metering options.

You can configure data purging options and software inventory integration.

See Configuring application metering data.

You must also configure global email settings.

For more information see the topic about mail server and address settings in the Symantec Management Platform User Guide.

Step 3

(Optional) Gather software inventory and manage the software product that you want to meter.

If you want to use the software-based usage tracking option that lets you meter software at the product level, the software must be discovered and managed in the Software Catalog.

Software inventory gathers the data about the software components that are installed and discovered in your environment.

If this installation is not a fresh installation of Inventory Solution, the software inventory must have been already gathered.

Use the following two methods for gathering software inventory:

  • Basic software application file inventory

  • Inventory of Windows Add or Remove Programs list

See Methods for gathering software inventory.

When software inventory data is gathered and entered into the CMDB, you have the following options for making your software a managed software product:

  • In the Software Catalog window, you can manually add the newly discovered software that you intend to manage to the Managed software products list.

  • Inventory Solution provides the list of predefined software products. If the software that you want to manage is in the list, the task NS.Nightly schedule to associate Software component to software product associates the newly discovered software with the relevant predefined software product and moves the product to the Software Catalog, to the Managed software products list. The task runs automatically on the Notification Server computer every night at 12:30 A.M. To immediately get the results, you can run the task manually from Task Scheduler Library.

    See Manually running the task NS.Nightly schedule to associate Software component to software product.

Step 4

Enable application metering or deny applications from running on target computers.

To enable application metering, you can use different options based on your needs:

To deny applications from running, you configure the predefined Blacklisted Applications policy. You can add as many applications to this policy as you want.

See Denying applications.

Step 5

View application metering data.

You can view metering data in application metering reports.

See Viewing inventory data in reports.

You view the usage tracking data for the managed software that is metered at the product level in the usage tracking reports in the enhanced Symantec Management Console Software view.

See Viewing inventory data in the enhanced Symantec Management Console views.

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