About targeted software inventory

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About targeted software inventory

(Windows only)

Targeted software inventory feature determines whether a specific software is installed on managed computers. To find the software, it uses the software resource and detection rule information that is defined in the Software Catalog. This feature works with Windows computers only.

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To find the software, targeted software inventory feature uses the following information that is defined in the Software Catalog:

  • Software resource.

    A software resource consists of the metadata that describes a specific instance of a software application. A software resource is associated with the physical package file that installs the software. On the Targeted Software Inventory policy page, you specify the software that you want to inventory. The policy then reports the computers that contain the software.

  • The detection rule of a software resource.

    The detection rule that is associated with a software resource can be used to create a policy to determine if that software resource is installed on a given computer.

  • The file associations of a software resource.

    The files that are associated with a software resource can be used to analyze the Inventory Solution file scan data to determine what software is installed on a given computer.

You can use the software information that is defined in the Software Catalog to determine whether a specific software is installed on one or more managed computers.

The Targeted Software Inventory policy populates the inventory cache on each client computer with the currently installed software data. That data is communicated to the Notification Server computer.

The software that you inventory must be defined as a software resource in the Software Catalog. It must also have at least one detection rule. If the software resource is not defined, contact an administrator who can edit the Software Catalog.

You can see the results of the Targeted Software Inventory in the Installed Software report. This report lists the software that is marked as installed, its version, count, and company name. To view additional details such as the computers on which the software is installed, its user account, and domain, right-click the software and click View Details. You access the Installed Software report from the Reports menu, at All Reports > Discovery and Inventory > Inventory > Cross-platform > Software/Applications > Software. You can also access this report from the Resource Manager.

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