Running a targeted software inventory

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Running a targeted software inventory

(Windows only)

Targeted software inventory determines whether specific software is installed on managed computers. To find the software, it uses the software resource and detection rule information that is defined in the Software Catalog.

See About targeted software inventory.

To run a targeted software inventory

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Manage menu, click Policies.

  2. In the left pane, expand Discovery and Inventory.

  3. Right-click Targeted Software Inventory, and then click New > Targeted Software Inventory.

  4. In the upper left of the right pane, click and type the following text:

    New Targeted Software Inventory

    Type a name for this policy.

    Because the description does not always appear, make the name descriptive enough for other administrators to easily identify this policy.

    Add description

    Type a description to further identify this policy.

  5. In the right pane, expand the Software to inventory section, and click Select Software.

  6. In the Select Software dialog box, from the Available software list, select one or more software resources, add them to the Selected software list, and then click OK.

  7. To edit the detection rule for a software resource, under the Software to inventory section, select the software resource, and click Edit Rule.

    For more information, see the topics about creating or editing inventory rules in the Symantec Management Platform User Guide.

  8. On the policy page, expand the Schedule section, and define the schedule on which to check the client computers.

  9. On the policy page, expand the Applied to section, and select the client computers to check for the specified software resource.

  10. On the policy page, turn on the policy.

    At the upper right of the policy page, click the colored circle, and then click On.

  11. On the policy page, click Save changes.

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