Why won't my Dell Client Manager standard license install?

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I was given an unlimited DCM Standard license. I installed the license, and the message is returned that the license was successfully applied, yet the license page still shows the expired trial license. What's going on?


Altiris recognizes that under certain circumstances there have been licensing issues with Dell Client Manager.

Issues can sometimes arise when a temporary license is applied for Dell Client Manager before the permanent license. For yet undetermined reasons, the permanent license and the temporary license conflict as both licenses become registered for the product, and the Notification Server is unable to determine which license is appropriate, causing it to revert to the trial license criteria.

To resolve this issue, the two licenses must be removed and the permanent license reapplied. Once complete and the license page refreshed, the license appears and performs as expected.

There are two ways to remove the licenses. One method is to manually remove the license as described in the Altiris Juice article found here.

It should be noted that this same issue sometimes is manifested with the HPCM product as well, and this article was written for that experience; however, the resolution steps are identical for the Dell* issue.

The otherway to remove licenses is to use the licensing tool attached to this article. This tool is provided as is and no warranty is made as to its use or functionality. If this method is chosen, it is a simple matter to launch the tool, select the licenses in question, and remove them. The permanent license can then safely be applied.


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