Demonstration of the Altiris Helpdesk Knowledgebase content

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Can I see a demonstration of the Altiris Helpdesk Knowledgebase content?


The Altiris Helpdesk Solution ships with a knowledgebase structure that allows the administrator to set up Known Problems and Solutions that can be accessed by Helpdesk workers as well as end users. The knowledgebase itself is empty when it is initially installed. Articles are added to it through the internal development and review processes that are built into the product. You can also license KnowledgeBrokers (KBI).

Knowledgebase for Computer Support to populate the empty KB structure.

License prepackaged computer support content (50,000+ articles) and quarterly new content updates for Helpdesk. Automatically fill the database with well known and solutions for common issues that most Helpdesk environments experience. Altiris licenses KnowledgeBroker’s TotalBase and Microsoft Base products. These databases contain thousands of articles that are updated periodically so that the latest common fixes are readily available to the Helpdesk users.

Installing KnowledgeBroker’s DemoBase

The attached file is a free demonstration version of KnowledgeBroker’s content. This is a self-installing file that contains 400 solutions from Windows XP, Word XP, Excel XP and Outlook XP. When this file is installed on the Helpdesk server, it will load these articles into the Helpdesk Knowledge Base. It can be installed on either a fully licensed copy of Helpdesk version 6.0 (any service pack version) or on a Helpdesk evaluation copy.

Once the installation process has completed, allow the server to index the articles using the Microsoft Index service (commonly found on all Microsoft Server operating systems. Just make sure the service is running). To access an article either through the Worker Screen or the MyHelpdesk screen, enter a key word, and you will be shown all of the sample articles in the knowledgebase that contain these words. You can narrow the search results using the selection criteria that is built into the Helpdesk product itself. Since the KBI DemoBase is a limited subset of KnowledgeBroker’s content, we have included a PDF with a list of all of the topics in the demo. Use any phrase on this list to come up with a search result. To license a complete copy of the KBI TotalBase, the KBI Microsoft Base and an Annual Update License for new content delivered quarterly, contact your Altiris Partner or Altiris Sales Representative.


KBIDemo.msi (6.5 MBytes)
Altiris_KBI_MSBase_0107F.pdf (166 kBytes)

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