Server Management Suite Portal page Web parts

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Server Management Suite Portal page Web parts

Server Management Suite Portal page contains different predefined Web parts. The default Web parts help you get the overview of your network and the state of your network devices.

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Table: Default Web parts on the Server Management Suite Portal page

Web part


Event Console

Event Console provides a consolidated view of all alerts that are raised. Event Console is part of the Server Management Suite, Client Management Suite, and IT Management Suite.

Monitored Resources by Status

The chart on this Monitor Solution Web part shows the severity status of all monitored resources. In the devices list you can select a computer and launch the Performance Viewer, the Resource Manager, or the Event console.

Topology View

This Web part provides a network topology diagram of the SNMP-enabled devices that are found in your network. Topology View Web part displays the data that you collect using Network Discovery tasks.

See About Topology View Web part.

Group View - Aggregate health by resource

This Web part shows the aggregate health of the devices and computers in your organizational groups. The Group View is installed as a part of the Monitor Solutions.

How current is my computer inventory?

This Web part of the Inventory Solution displays a graph that shows how many computers have reported inventory in a specified period of time. You can edit the period of the time that you want reported.

Recent Software Delivery Status

This Web part of the Software Management Solution lists all software deliveries and their status. Following delivery types are displayed: Managed Software Delivery, Quick Delivery, Package Delivery, and Legacy Software Delivery.

Microsoft Vulnerabilities

This graph reports the number and the severity of the Microsoft patches that need to be addressed. The Microsoft Vulnerabilities graph is a Web part of the Patch Management Solution.

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