About Server Management Suite

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About Server Management Suite

Server Management Suite combines the essential tools that help you effectively manage your physical servers and virtual servers, reduce service interruptions, and increase uptime.

Server Management Suite incorporates a variety of wizards and other features that let you automate configuration, stage tasks, and create policies to manage your servers. Various graphical reports let you quickly identify the health of your environment, pinpoint problems, and analyze trends. Expanded support for virtual technologies simplifies the management of multiple operating system environments.

Server Management Suite is a collection of solutions that run on the Symantec Management Platform. The platform and the solutions of the Server Management Suite provide the following key features:

  • Discovery and inventory

    The suite automatically identifies the devices that are found in your network, and aggregates inventory data across your environment. Multi-platform support makes it easy to consolidate the discovery data of all your Windows, UNIX, and Linux assets within an integrated console. You can easily assess security vulnerabilities, prepare for software audits, and more accurately determine hardware availability and needs.

  • Provisioning

    The suite lets you improve the consistency and increase the quality of server configurations. It delivers the comprehensive deployment capabilities that include image-based or scripted operating system installation and continuous provisioning. The suite helps you implement the standardized configurations, and provides you the tools for migration.

  • Software distribution and patch management

    The suite lets you control server configurations through its software management capabilities. The automated policies for software and patch management help you keep the servers standardized and secure. You can modify similar configurations on multiple servers simultaneously. You can distribute applications, and security updates to target systems.

  • Proactive monitoring and alerting

    The suite helps you proactively monitor the critical components of your network. You can increase the network uptime with the self-healing remediation tasks that are configured before the critical events occur. You can organize your servers into vital groups and quickly ascertain the current health of the whole network. The monitoring capabilities provide you also a summarized view of each single server performance over time.

See Components of Server Management Suite.

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