Downloading and distributing software updates

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Downloading and distributing software updates

To deliver and install the software updates to the appropriate computers, you must create software update policies.

The Distribute Software Updates wizard lets you create software update policies. If the associated software updates are not yet downloaded, Patch Management Solution creates a download task. When download is completed, the software update policy is distributed to the target computers.

If you want to install a Service Pack, Symantec recommends that you create a software update policy for this service pack only, without any other bulletins included in it. Also, in the wizard, check the Allow immediate restart if required box.

The policies that you create are stored in the Manage > Policies > Software > Patch Management > Software Update Policies folder. You can view the details of the policy and change settings if necessary.

You can view the software update policies distribution results in reports.

See Viewing the software update delivery summary report.

See Implementing Patch Management Solution for Windows

To distribute software updates

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Actions menu, click Software > Patch Remediation Center.

  2. In the right pane, in the Show drop-down box, click Windows Compliance by Bulletin, and then click the Refresh symbol.

    These reports let you see which updates the target computers require.

  3. Click the bulletins that you want to distribute.

    For example, click the bulletins that have a high number in the Not Installed column. You can select multiple items while holding down the Shift or Control key.

  4. Right-click the selected bulletins, and then click Distribute Packages.

  5. (Optional) Configure the settings as needed.

  6. Click Next.

  7. (Optional) On the second page of the wizard, check the updates that you want to distribute.

  8. If you want to activate the new software update policy, turn on the policy. To turn on the policy, click the colored circle and then click On.

    You can also turn on the policy later.

  9. Click Distribute software updates.

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