About receiving fixed asset catalog items

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About receiving fixed asset catalog items

The receiving process of the fixed asset catalog items lets you add new assets into your database or update the data of the existing assets.

See About receiving items.

When you receive fixed asset catalog items, one line per item is created in the Receive Items dialog box, in the Received Item Line Items table. For example, when you purchase three new laptops, the Received Item Line Items table displays three separate lines, all with quantity of 1. When you receive the items, a new asset is created in the system for each line.

The data for each fixed asset catalog item is handled as follows:

  • The Catalog Item field defines the asset type.

  • The Display Name field defines the name of the configuration item.

  • The Owner field defines the Asset Owners.

  • Details of the receiving item are added to the Comment field of the new asset.

  • Asset's associated catalog item association is set.

  • By default, Asset's Status is set to In Stock and the Location of the asset is set to the location of the stockroom to which the item is received.

    If in the Receive Items dialog box, under Parameters, you specify different values for Manufacturer, Location, and Status, the inserted values override the default data.

  • The Part Number, Manufacturer, and Model information is taken from the fixed asset catalog item data.

  • You can specify System Number, Serial Number, and Barcode values.

    Symantec recommends that you insert the Serial Number of a computer when receiving it. When inventory runs and finds an item with this serial number, it creates an association between the inventory record and the asset record.

If you update an asset that is already created in the database, you must specify in the Received Item Line Items table the Existing Resource that you want to update. The details, such as Barcode, Manufacturer, Status, or Location, are only added when the existing asset does not have them specified.

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