Setting up the monitor server's heartbeat settings

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Setting up the monitor server's heartbeat settings

You can define heartbeat settings for the monitor server. These settings control how often the monitor server checks for received heartbeats.

See Configuring the monitor server.

See About heartbeat.

You can also define settings for how often the Monitor Plug-in sends heartbeats and whether-or-not it records system uptime. You can define these settings in the Monitor Plug-in configuration settings page.

To set monitor server's heartbeat settings

  1. In the Symantec Management Console , on the Home menu, click Monitoring and Alerting.

  2. In the left pane, click Monitoring and Alerting > Monitor > Settings > Monitor Server Settings.

  3. Click the Heartbeat tab.

  4. Specify values for the following fields:

    Check for heartbeat every

    How often the monitor server should check for heartbeats.

    Retry every

    How often the server should attempt to confirm a heartbeat if an expected heartbeat is not received.

    Retry attempts

    How many attempts should be made to confirm that a heartbeat has been sent before the server generates an alert.

  5. Click Save changes.

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