Configuring the monitor server

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Configuring the monitor server

The following describes the process for preparing the monitor server.

Table: Process for configuring the monitor server




Step 1

Import a monitor pack.

Monitor packs include the necessary monitor policies, metrics, rules, and tasks for monitoring an operating system or application. Monitor packs also contain preconfigured monitor policies with preset thresholds and severities. You must import a monitor pack to monitor computers and devices.

See Importing monitor packs.

Step 2

Set up database maintenance.

Monitor Solution collects data from monitor computers and stores it in the database. You can configure the database maintenance settings to define when data is summarized and purged.

See Maintaining collected performance data.

Step 3

Configure heartbeat monitoring settings.

Monitor Solution collects heartbeat signals from Monitor Plug-ins. You can configure the server-side heartbeat settings to define how often Monitor Solution checks for heartbeats. Specify the number of failures that are allowed to occur before Monitor Solution sends an alert to the Event Console.

See Setting up the monitor server's heartbeat settings.

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