Adding computers to a monitor policy

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Adding computers to a monitor policy

After you create and configure a monitor policy you can apply the policy to groups of computers. After a monitor policy is saved and enabled, the policy is applied to the targeted computers on the next policy refresh. Polices refresh every one hour by default.

To add a computer to a monitor policy

  1. Create or edit a monitor policy.

    To create a monitor policy

    See Creating a monitor policy with the monitor policy wizard.

    To edit an agent-based monitor policy

    See Editing agent-based monitor policies.

    To edit an agentless monitor policy

    See Editing agentless monitor policies.

  2. Click Apply to and select one of the following options:

    • Select Quick apply to choose a list of common groups and targets, select a target, and click Apply.

    • Select Computers to open the Select computers dialog box to search for groups of computers. Use the tool to locate computers, select the computers, and then click OK.

    • (Agentless monitor policies only). Select Resources to open the Select resources dialog box to search for groups of computers and devices. Use the tool to locate resources, select the resources, and then click OK.

  3. Click Save changes.

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