Viewing real-time performance data

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Viewing real-time performance data

The Performance Viewer is a console included with Monitor Solution that lets you view real-time performance data. Performance data is available from both the Monitor Plug-in and the Remote Monitor Server.

To view real-time performance data

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Home menu, click Monitoring and Alerting.

  2. In the Launch Performance Viewer Web part, either enter a name of the computer or use the computer browser to choose a computer.

  3. In the Registered Metrics dialog box, select the metric data that you want to monitor, and then click OK (the limit is 50).

    The performance viewer begins monitoring the computer and displays the following information:

    • Graph - Displays graphical performance data. The data is scaled to fit within the limits of the graph. If you place the mouse pointer over a point on a graph line, the monitored metric data displays next to the mouse pointer. If you monitor multiple instance metrics, each instance has a separate graph line. You can use the select metrics option to monitor different metrics.

    • Metrics - The metrics section displays all numeric metric data that is monitored.

    • Processes - Displays the processes currently running on a monitored computer.

    • Events - Displays All Windows NT event data.

    • Ports - Displays the status of the monitored ports on the computer.

    • Text Data - Displays the retrieved text data for command, custom DLL, custom COM object, WS-MAN, SNMP, SQL, and string-type Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) metrics. The predefined WMI metrics are the only metrics that collect this type of data. If you create or use a custom DLL, COM object, SNMP, or command metric that retrieves this data, it is also displayed in this section.

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