How Monitor Solution works

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How Monitor Solution works

Monitor Solution continuously collects and analyzes data that is captured from computers and other devices on your network. When data is captured that meets a criteria that you predefine, alerts can be raised to notify you and actions can be taken.

The Monitor Plug-in or the Remote Monitoring Server gathers the data that you want to monitor. The data is remotely managed from the Symantec Management Console. The Monitor Plug-in and the Remote Monitoring Server receive instructions from the Notification Server computer. These instructions are called monitor policies. Monitor policies instruct the plug-in and Remote Monitoring Server of what and how you want to monitor, and what actions you want to be done.

See Creating a monitor policy with the monitor policy wizard.

Monitor policies are built from metrics and rules. Metrics specify the data to collect, and rules specify when you want to be notified and what you want to do.

See About metrics.

See About rules.

Multiple monitor policies with similar purposes, such as monitoring an operating system or an application, are grouped together into monitor packs. Monitor packs must be imported into the Notification Server computer following the installation of Monitor Solution.

See About monitor packs.

Monitor Solution uses triggered rules to take automated actions called tasks.

See About Monitor Solution tasks and actions.

Tasks can include sending an email, creating an alert in the Event Console, or running a command on the monitored computer. The Monitor Plug-in or the Notification Server computer can execute tasks.

See About Monitor Solution.

See Components of Monitor Solution.

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