About application detection

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About application detection

Application detection searches a monitored computer to determine if specific applications are installed. When a Monitor policy runs the application detection methods, the computers that the policy applies to are searched to determine if specific applications are installed. If the applications are found, Monitor Solution knows to start monitoring. If the applications are not found, Monitor Solution knows to stop monitoring.

In a Monitor policy, you can specify which computers the policy applies to. Specifying which computers the policy applies to lets you save computer resources by targeting the most appropriate computers to run a particular policy on. In addition to filtering the monitored computers, a Monitor policy can also contain application detection methods.

When application detection methods are configured for a Monitor policy, the computers that the Monitor policy applies to are filtered at a more granular level. For example, you can configure a policy to monitor data when application X is installed. In that policy, you can specify that the policy applies to computers A through F. If application detection determines that application X is not on computer C, then the Monitor policy does not run on computer C. Monitor Solution does not attempt to collect monitoring data from computer C because the application in question is not installed. Application detection saves system resources by eliminating the polling of metrics sources that are not available on the system.

When application detection is configured properly it helps you meet your monitoring goals in the following ways:

  • Monitors the information and resources that are important to you.

  • Uses the system resources more efficiently because you do not gather monitor data for any applications that are not installed on the computer.

When you install monitor packs , application detection is already configured for those packs. You can create additional application detection methods to add to an existing monitor policy. You can add additional application detection methods when you create customized categories or Monitor policies. Adding new application detection methods to your Monitor policies can help you meet any additional customization needs you may have.

See Adding application detection to a monitor policy.

You can choose from several application detection types. The different types let you monitor the specific applications that are the most critical to your operations.

See Application detection types.

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