Creating and editing metrics in the metric library

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Creating and editing metrics in the metric library

You can view, filter, create, edit, clone, and delete metrics from the metric library. Metrics are sort-able by metric type as well as by reference count. Reference count shows how many rules use the metric.

See About metrics.

See Types of metrics.

To create and edit metrics in the metric library

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Home menu, click Monitoring and Alerting.

  2. In the left pane, click Monitoring and Alerting > Monitor > Policies > Metric Library.

    The metric library is divided into two sections: a section for agent-based metrics and a section for agentless metrics. You can expand or collapse the display of either section. In either section you can do any of the following actions:

    Create and delete metrics

    You can click the New option in the toolbar and then select a metric type to create.

    See Types of metrics.

    You can also select a metric and click the Delete option in the toolbar to delete a metric. However, you cannot delete a metric that other rules or policies reference. Verify that a "0" is displayed in the Referenced Count column of the metric library to make sure that a metric is not referenced.

    Edit existing metrics

    You can select a metric and then click the Edit option in the toolbar.


    If you edit a metric that is referenced in by a rule, the rule is updated to include the updated metric. If you do not want this behavior to occur, first create a clone of the metric and then edit the clone.

    Clone existing metrics

    You can select a metric and then click the Clone option in the toolbar. A clone of the metric is created in the library with Copy of prepended to the original name.

    View and Search for metrics

    You can type a search string in the Search field and press Enter to display only the metrics that match your search criteria. You can also select a metric type from the view drop-down list to only display metrics of a certain metric type.

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