About agentless monitoring

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About agentless monitoring

You use agentless monitoring to monitor the computers that do not have the Monitor Plug-in. You monitor these computers with agentless monitoring policies. Because the Monitor Plug-in is not available on the computer, fewer aspects of the computer are available to be monitored. You use monitor service on a site server to perform agentless monitoring.

See Creating a monitor policy with the monitor policy wizard.

See About monitor service.

All agentless monitoring policies have a list of resource targets. These resource targets are the resources that are monitored. Each monitor service monitors the resources that its site server is assigned if an agentless monitoring policy targets those resources. Consequently, multiple site servers can monitor the same resource that is targeted in an agentless monitor policy. Also, different site servers can monitor the different resources that are targeted in the same agentless monitor policy.

You use agentless monitoring for the following reasons:

  • You cannot install the Symantec Management Agent on the device that you want to monitor.

    For example, VMware recommends that you not run third-party software in the VMware ESX Server service console. Another example would be a device that has an embedded system.

  • You want to monitor the availability of a server.

    In most cases you need to use agentless monitoring to perform an availability (ping) monitor.

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