About the Event Console workflow rule

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About the Event Console workflow rule

In Symantec Management Platform, incidents are reported and presented in the Event Console window. Incidents are reported as alerts based on the filtering rules that you set up.

See Creating an alert matching rule.

Workflow rules let you forward received alerts into a deployed workflow. All information about alerts and their variables are passed into the workflow.

All enabled Event Console rules are evaluated against each inbound alert. Alerts that match all the conditions of a rule trigger that rule. If a rule is triggered, a Symantec Management Platform task can be initiated. Options on the Workflow Rules tab on the Alert Rule Settings page let you initiate workflow processes automatically when alerts are received in the Event Console. The Workflow Rules tab on the Alert Rule Settings page in the Event Console lists existing workflow rules and lets you add, edit, and delete rules.

See Adding or editing workflow rules.

The workflow rule includes a workflow rule configuration page.

See About workflow rule configuration.

The workflow rule includes the following alert severities that support the additional levels:

  • Normal

  • Undetermined

  • Informational

  • Warning

  • Major

  • Critical

When you click the Workflow Rules tab, you see the workflow rules that are listed in the left pane. When you click a rule, its description and details appear in the right pane. In this pane you can configure multiple conditions for incoming alerts and select a destination workflow. For more information about using workflows, see the Workflow Solution User Guide.

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