Creating advanced search filters

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Creating advanced search filters

The advanced search feature in the Event Console lets you find specific alerts or groups of alerts quickly. The search operators that you can use are similar to the operators that are found in common applications. One such feature is advanced search, which lets you create filters to narrow your search.

See About advanced search filters.

To create advanced search filters

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Manage menu, click Events and Alerts.

  2. On the status bar, click the Advancecd Search symbol.

  3. In the Advanced Search pane, to the right of Where:, click the down-arrow in each drop-down search list. Select the criteria by which you want to search.

  4. To focus your search further, click the Add Rule down-arrow.

  5. Select the operator that you want to use to focus your search.

    The following options are available:

    • AND

    • OR

    • NOT

  6. (Optional) In the new row of drop-down search lists, click the down-arrows to select additional criteria.

  7. (Optional) Continue to add search criteria until you are satisfied that the search returns the results that you want.

  8. Click Search.

  9. (Optional) To clear part or all of the search criteria, click Clear.

  10. (Optional) To close the Advanced Search pane, click Close.

    If you close the pane, your search criteria are cleared. To collapse the pane without losing the search criteria, click the up-arrow next to Close.

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