About Monitor Plug-in installation policies

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About Monitor Plug-in installation policies

The Monitor Plug-in is installed on targeted computers through the use of a Monitor Plug-in installation policy. This installation policy installs the plug-in onto collections of computers according to a schedule that you define. Similar policies for upgrading and uninstalling the Monitor Plug-in are also available.

To install the Monitor Plug-in, you configure a policy that installs it on target computers. You select the group of computers on which the policy runs and schedule when it runs. If you choose a group that contains a computer that already has the plug-in installed, the task is ignored on that computer. When the policy is on, any computers that are added to the network, and are members of the group, automatically have the Monitor Plug-in installed.

See Installing the Monitor Plug-in.


The Monitor Plug-in requires the Symantec Management Agent to perform tasks on the target computers and to communicate with the Notification Server computer.See Preparing managed computers for agent-based monitoring.

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